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Love Creampie Victoria

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Love Creampie Victoria is the young brunette beauty in the episode “Coming of Age”. Victoria is a nineteen year old girl who was raised in a conservative family. She spent all of her life focused on being the good girl at home and in school. Victoria worked her hardest to get to a good university, she hardly had time for a social life or getting it on with the boys. Now that she is living away from home, Victoria realizes how much fun she has missed. Victoria gets attracted to Zac, an older guy in school who teaches her all she needs to know about sex.

Love Creampie Anita B

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Love Creampie Anita B is that cute girl next girl with angelic blue eyes and long blonde hair. She is new to the neighborhood after moving to Budapest to earn more money. Anita B was willing to take on any kind of job just to get her started and settled in a new city. This blonde girl looks so young and fresh, it was getting difficult for her to find work. She stumbles upon an ad for modeling and goes to the photo shoot. The photographer fancies her great body and good looks and suggests that Anita B. will earn more money with erotic modeling. He gets a few great photos, she gets a cum shot.

Love Creampie Ivy

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Love Creampie Ivy is the hot girl in the video clip “George on Ivy”. Ivy is on the massage table and George is her masseuse. George is a sly guy who knows all the right erotic moves to make the ladies extra horny. He oils Ivy from head to toe and put the cutie in an almost horny hypnotic state. Soon we see Ivy reaching for George’s growing bulge under his uniform. What guy would refuse such a hottie? Of course George willingly fulfills all of Ivy’s wishes. Watch as sexy Ivy asks for deeper and harder strokes from George.

Love Creampie Sylvia

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Love Creampie Sylvia stars in the photo set and video clip called “Make Me Feel”. Just by looking at Sylvia, we can say that any guy would be so lucky to have her. Well, it turns out even hotties like Sylvia get cheated on and left. See, Sylvia’s husband left her for another man. Now, not only is Sylvia very lonely and confused, her self esteem is down in the dumps too. Ned is a friend of Sylvia’s estranged husband. He visits her one day just to see how she is coping. Sylvia asks him for more than simple consoling, she asks for his cock to make her feel like a woman again.

Love Creampie Daria

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Love Creampie Daria is the sizzling hot momma in “Lust Filled Afternoon”. Daria is the absolute MILF who gets horny pretty much all the time. With her bottomless lust bottled up inside, Daria is ready to pounce on any stud that comes her way, just like the cougar that she is. Well, today is George’s lucky day. He happens to drop by Daria’s house and of course, seeing the piece of meat before her, Daria does her best to seduce this man. With her beautiful face and spanking hot body, who is George to refuse? Daria finally gets her cunt filled with more than what she bargained for.

Love Creampie Eva

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Love Creampie Eva is a natural beauty with long brunette hair and seductive eyes. Because of her sexy physique and pretty face, Eva gets a lot of attention from the guys. But the dark haired hottie does not reciprocate to everyone no matter how hot and horny she gets. Eva tends to be a little choosy with her men. Of course she likes them with big dick but she also wants someone who can please her for a longer time. Eva and her flavor of the moment share sensual moment this this guy who is more than eager to give Eva the creampie that she desires.

Love Creampie Haven

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Love Creampie Haven is the sexy young brunette featured in the steamy episode called “Penthouse Apartment”. Haven’s boyfriend is an older businessman who only comes to the city twice a month. He showers her with all the money in the world to compensate for the fact that he is actually married and Haven is her young mistress. Even though Haven has a penthouse to her name, all the designer shoes, bags and jewelry, she is never content. All that she really wants is for him to choose her. When he comes to visit, Haven is on her best sexual behavior. They please each other in every way, with Haven hoping to make him stay.

Love Creampie Bijou

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Love Creampie Bijou is the sexy brunette in the spicy video clip “Lesbian Conception”. Bijou and her lesbian partner want to have a child but they do not want to adopt. The lesbian couple want to have their own child the natural way so they asked a friend Peter for help. Both Bijou and Peter are awkward when they met. Bijou told Peter to go gentle on her since she lacks experience in men. That is exactly what Peter does in this sensual episode. And although Bijou only agreed to do it to get pregnant, she couldn’t help but love the throbbing cock inside her too.

Love Creampie Silvia

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Love Creampie Silvia and Martin are the stars in “Your Orgasm Inside Me”. The lovely couple looks great together since both are quite good looking and have hot bodies. This episode is full of romance and passion, it can give you a boner or soak you panties within minutes of seeing Silvia and Martin together. Silvia’s natural tits and pink pussy are to die for and Martin obviously enjoys making the most out of fulfillinf Silvia’s desires. Lots of close-ups, moans and groans of sexy pleasure can be witnessed in this one so make sure you are ready to explode.

Love Creampie Kristine

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Love Creampie Kristine and Patrick show us what great lovemaking is like in the episode entitled “Impregnate Me”. Patrick and Kristine have talked about starting a family together. Kristine has always wanted to have a child and she gets really horny when she is ovulating. Patrick and Kristine take advantage of her fertile period and have hot and passionate sex. This couple takes time with foreplay, Patrick is gentle yet very erotic as he laps at her pussy and Christine feels every thrust within her. It is not just about carnal pleasure for these too as there is an element of intimacy and lots of sensuality.